As the fall semester gets rolling, the LUG has quite a lot to look forward to! For those who may have missed the past few meetings, here’s a quick recap of what we’re looking forward to:

Diversified Schedule

We want to have more interactive activities this semester, so we’re trying out a slightly modified monthly-rotating schedule:

  1. Tech Talk: The first Tuesday of each month will kick off with an entertaining and educational discussion of some open-source or technical topic, from booting up Linux machines in style to version control systems to popular software alternatives with nontraditional licensing.
  2. Hack Day: Put your skills to the test as we host interactive tutorials and challenges, accomplishing everything from remotely upgrading a server to web design on an open-source software stack to showing off our personal side projects.
  3. Tech Talk: The third Tuesday will typically be another tech talk; along with in-house presentations, we may also have representatives from NCSU faculty and other companies come in and speak, offering networking possibilities.
  4. Social Dinner: After a long month staring at screens, we’ll take the final Tuesday off and go enjoy a good meal at one of Raleigh’s popular dining locations. We may talk tech, or we may not, but we’ll always be enjoying great cuisine.

Servers and Websites

The LUG currently has access to two servers physically located in EBII on NCSU’s Centennial Campus. Along with our main website domain (right here,, we also have access to At least one of our hack days this fall (maybe more!) will be devoted to server configuration and website design, so come to our next few meetings with any ideas or skills you wish to bring to the table!

Also, if you would like to have remote access to either char or short (the names we affectionately give our two servers), feel free to contact our president Quentin.

September 6th

Last but certainly not least, we will next meet on Tuesday, September 6th, same time, same place! This week will likely be a hack day as we get started preparing our servers for fall web development projects.

Next week, on Wednesday, September 14th, we may or may not have a very special guest visiting our club–more info will be at this Tuesday’s meeting, so check back for details!