Following a nice console session, the LUG is pleased to announce that one of our servers,, has been successfully upgraded to Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus. Sporting a dual-core Intel Xeon @ 2.8ghz, 3GB of memory and a 1TB mechanical hard disk, it’s a bit dated but still has plenty of power to run our infrastructure (gotta love Linux). In the near future we’re tentatively planning on installing GitLab to provide public and private code hosting services free of charge to our members.

server console connected to char mounted in rack showing progress of the
installation of base system packages

With this final upgrade, all of our infrastructure is running the latest and greatest Ubuntu Server LTS. While short has been fully configured and secured, char is sporting a barebones configuration with only security configuration having been completed. It’s a blank slate for the club to draw on, and we’re excited to see what cool things we can do with it. It should also serve as a useful way for folks to learn about configuring, securing, updating, and generally administrating a hosted server.

Stay tuned for more updates!