UPDATE: This meeting has been canceled because snow. Please see Meetings for our updated schedule.


In our next meeting, Barry Peddycord III (isharacomix) will hold a workshop on getting a virtual private server running on Digital Ocean. After creating the server, you’ll learn how to do fun Linux stuff like setting up a reverse proxy for hosting a personal wiki, setting up a personal IRC bouncer using ZNC, hosting your own private Git repositories, and other topics as requested by the audience.

Where: Engineering Building II, room 1227

When: Tuesday, February 24, 2015, 7:00 PM

Before coming to the meeting, please visit http://isharacomix.org/speaking/foss-fair-2015/ and follow the instructions for getting your account started - if you are a student, you can create an account for free without providing a credit card by using the Github explorer’s pack. This will maximize the amount of time we have in the workshop for doing more interesting things!