Matthew Frazier's avatar Matthew Frazier (leafstorm)

LUG Treasurer


I am a Computer Science major (and teaching assistant) at NC State. My long-term goal is to become a professor, but there's a lot of stuff I'm doing in between. Currently, I alternate between taking courses and being on co-op at Extreme Networks, developing their global lab reservation system.

Within the field of computer science, I am especially interested in:

  • Programming languages
  • Operating systems
  • Data structures
  • Databases
  • Network protocol design
  • Discrete mathematics
  • CSC education

Besides tech-related topics, I enjoy public transit, rapping, Ultimate Frisbee, and long walks in the city.

More Information

Role: Student
Twitter: LeafStorm
PGP Key ID: 76A9D2A9
Employer: Extreme Networks
Employer: NC State University
Major: Computer Science
Hometown: High Point, NC
Bitbucket: leafstorm
GitHub: leafstorm
Minecraft Name: leafstorm
Expertise: Public transportation
Human Languages: English, Spanish, Esperanto
Programming Languages: Python, Lua, Ruby, PHP
Favorite Distro: Arch Linux
Favorite Pokémon: Quilava