About ZNC

NOTICE: If you just found this page on Google, we are NOT going to give you a ZNC account. Our ZNC services are for LUG members only.

ZNC is an IRC proxy. This means it runs on our server pretending to be an IRC client, holding on to your nick at all times on whatever IRC servers you normally connect to. When you connect to ZNC via your ordinary IRC client, it relays all IRC traffic for the channels you're in to you, and relays your messages back to the IRC server.

The benefits of ZNC are chiefly:

  • When you connect to ZNC, it will relay everything that happened while you were away
  • You don't reconnect to the channel every time your network hiccups, or your laptop comes out of sleep mode. That's a nice courtesy to extend to folks you IRC with.
  • You can connect to the same IRC nick using multiple computers (including your phone or tablet) at once. So you start a conversation on your laptop, leave home and continue it on your mobile without needing some secondary nick.

Getting started with ZNC

  • spiffytech runs the LUG's ZNC server. To get an account, simply ask him.
  • Once you have your ZNC account, set it up in the web admin:
    • Visit https://short.csc.ncsu.edu:1337 and log in
      • This uses a self-signed cert, so you can ignore the SSL warning
    • Scroll to the bottom and change the "Buffer Size" to how many lines you want ZNC to save to replay to you when you connect to IRC
      • Save as many as you think you'll need to catch up on conversation you missed, but if you set it too large, channels you idle in could dump many, many thousands of lines at you when you connect
    • You may also configure which plugins are active in this area
    • Scroll back up to the "Networks" section and click "Add"
    • Configure your IRC nick, and the servers to connect to, in there
  • Configure your IRC client to connect to ZNC:
    • Set your IRC client to connect to short.csc.ncsu.edu port 1337
    • Use the username and password provided by spiffytech
      • Note that this is different from your IRC nick
      • If your IRC client doesn't have a username field, set the password like "username/network:password", replacing "username", "network", and "password" with the appropriate values for your ZNC account
    • Set your IRC client to use SSL. You may need to accept ZNC's self-signed certificate. If you're using Instantbird, you will have to install that certificate manually. ZNC only supports connecting to one IRC server per account. If you want to use ZNC with multiple servers, simply ask spiffytech for a new account.
  • Configure fancy parts
    • ZNC has advanced features that can be quite useful. For example, enable the stickychan module to stay connected to certain channels, even when you quit your IRC client
      • ZNC will keep you connected when your IRC client drops off due to network problems etc., but by default will log you out of channels when you explicitly quit
      • In your IRC client, /msg *stickychan stick #ncsulug

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