Meeting Ideas

If you are interested in a meeting, then go ahead and add your idea to the list. Use [[~your-username]] to sign any ideas you add. When the Steering Committee makes progress on actually making one of these happen, we'll add notes below it.

Topic Ideas (informational/tutorial)

  • Firefox OS
    • ~isharacomix is talking to someone from Mozilla about a FxOS talk, possibly in March.
    • Talk confirmed for 3/25
  • History of FOSS
  • Getting started contributing to FOSS
    • Jason Hibbets might be able to give a talk to this effect
  • Skia (Chrome/Android 2D graphics)
  • Server-side JavaScript
  • Git tutorial
  • Intro to Minecraft modding

Topic Ideas (roundtable)

  • Language war
  • License war
  • FOSS show and tell

Possible Companies and Guest Speakers

If there's a specific person or organization you want to hear from, list them here, but also create a general "topic" entry above.

  • LUG alumni: Michael Wright, Carson Holgate, and/or Alex Ray from Google
  • Douglas Crockford from Yahoo!
  • D. Richard Hipp, Tcl expert and SQLite creator
  • Mozilla
  • Bandwidth/Republic Wireless

Volunteer to Speak

If you have something you'd like to speak about or teach everyone, list it here!

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