Internet Relay Chat is the primary medium of communication for the LUG. IRC is a real-time chatting protocol that dates back to 1988 and is still the technology of choice among Open Source developers. Our channel, #ncsulug is hosted on, and usually has a few dozen members in the room at any given time.

If you don't have an IRC client, you can visit us by using the Freenode web client. If you just want to see what we're talking about, you can check out ~ShaBren's LiveLogger.

Please note that the IRC channel is a public forum and not all of the visitors in the channel are LUG members or students at NC State University.



LOUDBOT is among the most popular bots on our IRC channel. Developed by ik, LOUDBOT listens to the channel and stores anything typed in all capital letters in its database. It then responds with a random quote from its database, also in all capital letters. LOUDBOT's database contains a number of quotes some may find offensive.


  • twitlast: post the last thing LOUDBOT has said to the @LOUDBOT Twitter feed.
  • whosaid: reveal who said the last thing LOUDBOT has quoted and in which channel.
  • be <username>: pull a random quote from <username>'s quote history.
  • \ignore LOUDBOT ALL: prevent LOUDBOT's quotes from appearing in your client.


lessthanthree is a bot developed by CarsonLynn and built using LOUDBOT. When "lessthanthree" or "<3" appear in a chat, lessthanthree uses a Markov Text Generator to produce a random quote that begins with the same two words as the sentence being replied to. As lessthanthree uses LOUDBOT's database, the random sentences may be considered offensive by some.


  • twitlast: post the last thing lessthanthree has said to the @anglebracket3 Twitter feed.
  • kitlast: apply the last thing lessthanthree has said to a random picture of a kitten and post the image to the @anglebracket3 Twitter feed.
  • \ignore lessthanthree ALL: prevent lessthanthree's quotes from appearing in your client.


CussBot is a bot developed by mamarley which listens for cuss words used by other users and logs them. On command, it can produce statistics about which words are most popular. It also has a web statistics page.


  • stats: return statistics information about all the channels CussBot listens on. May be followed by a channel name (CussBot: stats #ncsulug) or a nick (CussBot: stats LOUDBOT) to filter the statistics to that channel or nick, respectively.


TeeBridge is a bot developed by mamarley which which serves as a bridge between the LUG's TeeWorlds server ("NCSULUG Server" in the game) and the #ncsulug channel. All chat messages in the game are forwarded to IRC and vice-versa. Also, certain game messages, such as when a user connects or disconnects or when the game ends, are sent to IRC as well.


  • \ignore TeeBridge ALL: prevent TeeBridge's output from appearing in your client.

ZNC Bouncer

If you really want to get the most out of IRC, a bouncer allows you to keep a connection alive in your channels 24/7 so that you never miss a beat when you're offline. We run a ZNC Bouncer for our members on the LUG Server, Short.

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