Fall 2013 Planning

At various dinners over the summer, the LUG came up with some ideas for what we'd like to do during the Fall of 2013. Here's what we've got:

Meeting Night and Time

We're leaning towards Tuesday for our meeting night this fall. There's a rough consensus that it works the best, and besides, it's the LUG tradition!


  • August 16/17: ~Sha`Bren has volunteered his house for a LUG cookout/picnic type event.
  • August 20: Planning meeting. We'll finalize our schedule (as much as anything is ever finalized in the LUG), and prepare our demo for Packapalooza.
  • August 24: Packapalooza! The LUG has submitted a request for a vendor table at Packapalooza (a giant street festival on Hillsborough), which we expect will be approved. We're planning to set up some demos with Minecraft running on a Raspberry Pi, and using Python to control it.
  • August 27: Our first "official" dinner of the semester. Hopefully we'll have some new people to hang out with!

September - November

The majority of normal LUG stuff will happen during these months.

Technical Sessions

  • September 3
  • September 17
  • October 1 - ik (data mining and stuff)
  • October 15 - Gloryfish (FOSS game dev)
  • October 28
  • November 12
FOSS and Collaboration
  • An introduction to GitHub, possibly in coordination with ITECS.
  • History of FOSS (potentially presented by ~IsharaComix).
  • How to Cause TIme Paradoxes with Git (possibly presented by ~leafstorm).
  • Jay "Gloryfish" Roberts, with a talk about how to create games using FOSS. Gloryfish gave a similar talk at BarCamp, which was incredibly well-received, and he's already expressed interest at speaking here.
  • Introduction to Minecraft modding.
  • Python programming with Minecraft Pi.
  • The stages of the Linux boot process - BIOS, EFI, bootloaders and boot managers...
  • One of ik's machine learning projects.
  • IRC bots!
  • Actual bots!
  • "How to Remove the NSA From Your Friends List."
  • An introduction to basic security programming.
  • Food Hacks Unconventional cooking techniques.
  • A macaroni-and-cheese cookoff.
Corporate-Sponsored Talks
  • LUG alumni Michael Wright, Carson Holgate, and Alex Ray (now of Google) have expressed interest in coming back to Raleigh to talk about what they've done recently.
  • Red Hat probably has something interesting to talk about.
  • Republic Wireless is doing a lot of cool stuff with Android.

Lightning Talks

Besides our normal "main session" speakers, we'd also like to have a lightning talk segment (or, "show and tell really fast") at each of our technical sessions. Basically, each lightning talk is a quick demonstration of something you made recently, or something you found out about recently, that you'd like to show the other members of the LUG.

Theme Dinners

Another idea we bounced around that we haven't tried before is "theme dinners." Basically, these are dinners that open with a short, informal presentation on some topic, to serve as a conversation starter.


We plan to have one hackday on a Saturday in September, and one in November. (For some reason, we decided that we wouldn't have hackdays on weeks where we had dinner earlier in the week. I'm pretty sure that's to reduce the planning burden.)


December, as the last month of the Fall semester, is mostly full of exams.

  • December 3: Our traditional movie night and officer elections! We're considering "The Internship," but additional suggestions are welcome.
  • December 10 and 17: These weeks consist entirely of final exams (not even reading days!). As such, we'll have dinner on these weeks, but it probably won't even be a theme dinner: just a time to hang out.

After that, it will be Spring! (Spring semester, at least.) Feel free to leave comments on any of these just sign your name.

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