Fall 2013 Election Cycle

As we close out the Fall 2013 semester, we will hold elections for the following Steering Committee positions, to lead the LUG through the next semester:

  • President (currently Barry "~IsharaComix" Peddycord III)
  • Vice President (currently Matthew "~leafstorm" Frazier)
  • PR Officer (currently Stephen "~milkman" Loudermilk)
  • Treasurer (currently vacant, most recently Michael "~mamarley" Marley)

Details of the roles of each position are found in our Constitution.


The deadline for nominations is Tuesday, November 19, at 7:00 PM. Nominations may be made in person at a regularly scheduled LUG meeting, or via email to the LUG mailing list.

This page will be updated by ~leafstorm as new nominations are posted.


Our biannual LUG Movie Night and Officer Elections will be held Tuesday, December 3, at 7:00 PM, in Engineering Building II, room 3001. In addition to (probably) watching Travelling Salesman, we will elect officers.

The election procedures are as follows.

  • The President is elected first, then Vice President, then PR Officer, then Treasurer.
  • If a person is not elected for a particular position, they are permitted to run for all positions whose elections follow.
  • No person may hold more than one officer position.
  • No person may be elected against their will.
  • Each candidate in an election is assumed to vote for theirself.
  • During an election, all candidates must leave the room. A non-student (or other non-interested party) will count the votes, call the candidates back in the room, and announce the results.

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