2014-01-07 Planning Meeting

Planning meeting on January 7, 2014, 7:00 PM to 8:35.

Introductions, including the new Steering Committee

Financial Report

  • Waiting on a check from Google group.
  • LUG doesn’t spend any money.

High-Level Goals

  • What can we show to impress the university as a whole? More out-reach to other majors wanted!
  • More ECE people in our club, by having OLM talks.
  • More stuff about how to install Linux, more workshops, basic coding projects (like from Code Academy), python koans, and more lightning talks about research.
  • [Invite some people from Red Hat (or other open source company peoples) to visit and talk about something interesting.]
  • Code sprints on projects we care about.
  • Using the LUG to help students in NCSU classes be able to use Linux- make a Wiki or hold “Linux Office Hours.”

Meeting Dates and Times

 Time of every meeting: Every Tuesday at 7:00 PM.

  • 1/7: Planning meeting
  • 1/14: Dinner meeting
  • 1/21: Meeting
  • 1/28: Dinner
  • 2/4: Meeting
  • 2/11: Dinner
  • 2/18: Meeting
  • 2/25: Dinner
  • 3/4: Meeting
  • 3/11: Dinner (spring break)
  • 3/18: Meeting
  • 3/25: Dinner
  • 4/1: Meeting
  • 4/8: Dinner
  • 4/15: Meeting (Easter week)
  • 4/22: Movie & officer elections! (dead week)
  • 4/29: Dinner (exam week)

Meeting Locations

  • Shoot for rooms (that have good power outlets) in the EB buildings around the size of EB II 3001.
  • EB III, the classroom next to the CEI.


  • Shooting for March 1.
  • Need to reserve 4-6 rooms
  • Talk to Red Hat for lunch money (Justus and Matthew are working on that)
  • Barry is working with officials in the university department.
  • Caitlin will work on food ordering and handle volunteer coordination.
  • Beginner Track
  • Opensource.com advertising
  • Lots and lots of advertising in general.

Hack Day Dates and Times

  • Have Hack Day the Saturday after a meeting.
  • First Hack day of Spring 2014 semester will be Feb. 1st.
  • Doodle.com poll for voting when 2nd Hack Day will be in late March/early April.

Longer-Term Project: LUG 20th Anniversary Reunion

  • In November 2014.
  • We were the 6th LUG to be ever created. (And the 4th still active.)
  • Try to contact LUG alumni to come (they pay their own travel expenses) and talk about where they are now in life.
  • spiffytech can try to dig through old mailing lists for old members emails. (By March)
  • Have dinner for the alumni. Maybe get corporate sponsors?

Meeting Topic Suggestions and Other Business

  • Linux installation 101 & customizing Linux workshop
  • Writing Kernels and kernel drivers 101
  • LAN party
  • Having ik come for a talk (subject TBA) on March 18th
  • OpenGL talk
  • Pushing JS to its limits talk (bringing desktop to web)
  • Barry on curses
  • Scientific research free as in speech (open access, open notebook, and open software & very beginner friendly!)
  • Herding daemons
  • UNIX piping (Focus: Why do we still use a command line?)
  • Voxels

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