2013-11-23 Hack Day

Running from 12:00 PM to 8:00 PM in Mann 301.

Stuff People Are Bringing

  • ~shabren Dropcord, power strip, water, some sort of munchies.
  • ~yawgmoth Cards against Humanity! (and some sort of cookies)
  • (Add your name here)

We could use:

  • Surge protectors and extension cables (the outlets are on the ceiling)
  • Snacks! (nothing overly messy, and this won't count as "real lunch")
  • Drinks! (please specify what drinks you're bringing, if applicable)
  • Paper products

If you want to bring something, please specify what exactly it is and how many of it you're bringing. But don't feel like you have to bring something in order to show up.

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