2013-08-20 Planning Meeting

Held at 19:00 in the 2nd floor study room of DH Hill Library.


  • Introductions
  • Technical sessions:
    • Location
    • Topic for September 3
    • mdwright and CarsonLynn's visit to Raleigh
  • Hack day selection for September
  • Packapalooza:
    • Setup
    • Poster of some sort?
  • IRC and TeeWorlds


Miscellaneous Business

  • ~leafstorm will attend Student Officer Training at the next opportunity, and ~IsharaComix will upload the constitution to OrgSync.
  • ~IsharaComix wants all meetings to be notified on the Web site and mailing list at least the Friday before they happen. Also, he will update the Google calendar with all the meetings for the semester.

Technical Sessions

  • Many of the people at the meeting requested that we meet on Main Campus. ~IsharaComix will talk to R&R about reserving a room in SAS Hall (with Mann as a backup).
  • ~IsharaComix said that the macaroni-and-cheese cookoff can happen, because someone he knows has a kitchen we can use.
  • Other talk ideas:
    • GitHub.
    • Skia (Chrome graphics) [tentatively selected].
    • Cross compiling software, especially for ARM.
    • Data mining.
    • OpenHatch. (Milkman has a contact with OpenHatch, and will see if they have anyone local.)
    • How a complete newbie can get involved in open source. (We're going to try and have this September 3, with Jason Hibbets if possible.)
    • HTML5 and new web stuff.
    • Ethics. (Better than 379.)
    • Language roundtable [tentatively selected].
    • Functional programming.
    • Linux kernel hacking.

Hack Days


  • There will be a "hack afternoon" on Friday to prepare for Packapalooza. Besides working on Minecraft hacking, we will construct a trifold board with LUG information. We'll pick a time and location, and email it out.

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