2013-02-04 Dinner Meeting

Held at 19:00 at Melvin's The Balcony on Hillsborough Street.

Constitutional Amendments

The amendments proposed at our 2013-01-14 Planning Meeting were voted on. Both the Purpose Amendment and the Officers Amendment were approved unanimously, and are now official. ~leafstorm will push the new amendments to the GitHub master branch, and ~IsharaComix will update the officer registration on OrgSync.


Our next hackday will be February 23rd. ~IsharaComix confirmed that he is working with Hunt Library to find a location. He is planning to request the FIshbowl as the central location, with the idea that people will be able to reserve smaller study rooms if we run out of room, or if people want to focus on a particular project.

The theme for this hackday is "FOSS Fair Followup." We will also try to get everyone's PGP key signed at the hackday.


~IsharaComix presented his draft poster for the LUG (which is copied online at http://imgur.com/m33hCio). He received a quote from Grapevine Print & Design to print 35 11" by 17" posters (one for each bus in the Wolfline fleet) for $135.

Various feedbacks were given on the design. Specific suggestions that met wide approval included reusing a line from the new mission ("Encouraging Creative Endeavors in Computing") as our tagline, and including a specific call to action ("Come to our next meeting! Details at http://lug.ncsu.edu/").


~leafstorm mentioned the possibility of acquiring a LUG campus box. ~spiffytech stated that we actually have one in the Computer Science office - Campus Box 8206. ~IsharaComix will talk to the Department about regaining access.

We also decided to pursue obtaining a Google generic account for things like the LUG Twitter account.

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