2013-01-14 Planning Meeting

Held at 19:00 in Hunt Library 4411.

At this meeting, we will discuss the LUG's activities for Spring 2013 and beyond.


Event Planning

  • Technical session topics for Spring 2013
  • Dates and themes for our two hack days
  • LUG involvement in FOSS Fair
  • Location of LUG meetings (possibility of reserving a consistent room in Hunt?)


  • Discussion of Web site source license
  • Presentation of Constitutional amendment to expand Purpose
  • Presentation of Constitutional amendment to update Officer list

(For reference, our current Constitution is available here.)

Purpose Amendment

The "Name and Purpose" section shall be renamed to "Name and Mission." The second paragraph of such section shall be deleted, and replaced with:

"The mission of the LUG is:

  • To promote the understanding of computers and computer science,
  • to encourage creative endeavors in computing,
  • to provide a forum for learning about and discussing recent developments in computing, and
  • to support the use and development of free and open source software."

Officers Amendment

In the "Officers" section, the descriptions of the officers are to be replaced with:

"The President is the nominal leader of the LUG. They are responsible for communicating with the University and other organizations, directing business meetings, and performing any other duties that become necessary.

The Vice-President assists the President as necessary, and fills in for the President when absent.

The Public Relations Officer publicizes news about LUG events to the LUG and to the greater campus community.

The Treasurer maintains records of the LUG's income and expenses."

In the following paragraph, "Secretary" is to be replaced with "Public Relations Officer."

Resource Acquisition

  • Purchase of Raspberry Pis for LUG member projects
  • Acquisition of an office/storage closet (or a storage closet-sized office)
  • Create a laminated poster to hang on the doors to invite people in


Tech session topics

Various topics and speakers were proposed, including:


  • Kat Leung from Google (already scheduled for 2013/01/28)
  • Douglas Crockford from Yahoo! (highly ambitious)
  • Michael Wright, Carson Holgate, and/or Alex Ray from Google, LUG alumni
  • D. Richard Hipp, Tcl expert and SQLite creator
  • Someone from Mozilla
  • Someone from OpenSource.com

Topics (expositional/tutorial)

  • Skia (Chrome/Android 2D graphics)
  • Firefox OS
  • History of FOSS (possibly ~isharacomix)
  • Getting started contributing to FOSS
  • Server-side JavaScript
  • Git tutorial
  • Intro to Minecraft modding

Topics (roundtable)

  • Language war
  • License war
  • FOSS show and tell


February 28 and April 6 were tentatively selected for hackdays. ~isharacomix will discuss finding a space with Hunt Library.


LUG members were encouraged to participate in FOSS Fair. In addition, we will promote our hackday at FOSS Fair. (~jdpage had volunteered to create a FOSS Fair Facebook page before the meeting.)

Meeting locations

Preferred locations were the Fishbowl and Hunt 4411 (large group study). ~isharacomix will discuss recurring reservations with Hunt Library.

Constitutional amendments

The Constitutional amendments met preliminary approval. ~leafstorm will prepare appropriate pull requests, and we will vote to ratify next meeting.

Web site code license

The Web site source code was decided to be licensed under GPL version 3 or any later version. ~leafstorm will add the appropriate license file.

Raspberry Pis

~leafstorm will prepare a block grant for 4 or more Raspberry Pis. The full grant will request:

  • Raspberry Pi, model B ($35)
  • Class 10 SD card (to be selected by ~leafstorm)
  • Power supply (to be selected by ~shabren)
  • 3D printed cases (~isharacomix will acquire the file for SplatSpace's Pi cases, and ~jdpage will add an image of Turtles)

If we cannot obtain a grant, we will still purchase two Pi sets.

Closet/office/closet-sized office

~isharacomix will discuss potential spaces with the CSC department, Hunt Library, and SORC.


One poster will be created for hanging on the doors of wherever we're having a meeting.

Another poster will be created for posting on Wolfline buses. The poster's size was tentatively set as 11" by 17", and the 40' buses will be targeted for the posters since those are used for routes 3 and 8, which most of our target audience ride.

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