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March 2013 Technical Sessions

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Last month was a bit of a slow month for technical sessions, but we're making up for it in March, with two guest speakers presenting innovative projects:

On March 11, Drew Hicks from Dr. Tiffany Barnes' research lab will present Bots, a game designed to teach kids programming skills. In the game, players write programs that control robots, with the goal of solving puzzles in the virtual world.

On March 25, Paul McLanahan from Mozilla will present Firefox OS, Mozilla's open Web-based operating system for mobile phones.

Both of these meetings will be held in Engineering Building I 1007, at 19:00. As usual, we'll go out for dinner afterwards. We hope to see you there!

2013/02/11: Lightning Talks Inbound!

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Hai Lugz! Next monday, we'll be meeting in Hunt Library 4411 (next to the 3D printers) for another round of lightning talks! For those of you unfamiliar with the tradition, Lightning talks are 7-minute long mini talks on whatever YOU want to talk about. We've started a list of potential talks on the Wiki Page, so if you've got something cooking, add yours before the meeting comes to pass!

Same time as always, 19:00.

2013/01/28: Google!

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For this week's LUG meeting, Kat Leung, Joel Ebel, and Aaron Joyner from Google will be coming to campus to talk about how Google uses Linux. More info about our speakers is available on the wiki.

The meeting will be held in EB I 1007, at 19:00. Unlike most LUG meetings, you will need to RSVP in advance.