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Matthew Frazier's avatar Matthew Frazier

LUG President

I am a Computer Science major (and teaching assistant) at NC State. I want to be a transit service planner, 'cause computers are a pain. But if buses turn out ...

Caitlin Chestna's avatar Caitlin Chestna

LUG Vice President

I do the thing with the computers and the people.

Stephen Waddell's avatar Stephen Waddell

LUG PR Officer

IsharaComix's avatar IsharaComix
Barry Peddycord III

LUG Head of Graduate Student Affairs

I'm a Graduate Student at NC State University pursuing my Ph.D. in Computer Science, researching learning through technology and social media. I'm a hacker, a blogger, and ...

Sha`Bren's avatar Sha`Bren
Stephen Bryant

LUG Zombie Defense Committee Chair

I'm a programmer, sysadmin, and Linux-user in the Raleigh, NC area.

spiffytech's avatar spiffytech

LUG Alumni Committee Chair

I love Linux, and making cool programs

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Brandon Mork's avatar Brandon Mork
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BuGy's avatar BuGy
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Cojo's avatar Cojo
Cory Scheviak
Steven Popkin's avatar Steven Popkin
Christian Chapman's avatar Christian Chapman

i eat keyboards

Christian Chapman's avatar Christian Chapman
GloryFish's avatar GloryFish
Jay Roberts
ian_mcxa's avatar ian_mcxa
Ian M
jdpage's avatar jdpage
Jonathan David Page

in a fairy ring

Joseph Jarriel's avatar Joseph Jarriel

I like to Linux sometimes.

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Michael Marley
Pysis's avatar Pysis
reesjones's avatar reesjones
Mitch Rees-Jones

I’m a Computer Science major and University Honors student living and learning in Raleigh, NC attending North Carolina State University. See more at

Ricket's avatar Ricket
Richard Carter
Tiggum's avatar Tiggum
Caden Reynolds
Yatish Mehta's avatar Yatish Mehta
Yawgmoth's avatar Yawgmoth
Markus Eger

Born, raised and fed in Austria with no added hormones or antibiotics.